About Us

Pro Vid Video, Inc. is film and video location studio in Chelsea, NY and has been in business over 17 years.  We specialize in Fetish Photography, Dungeon Room Rental and New York city  film locations. The dungeon space has a private entrance with 2 elevators and is located in a private basement.  There are two distinct areas that both have their own separate entrances.  The choice of many New York, NY location scouts, the first location has seven fantasy dungeon rooms with reception area, bathrooms and hallway.  The second location is an open NY club loft with many nook's and crannies to shoot in.  The total square footage of the space is over 10,000 sq ft.  View our layout page for more details.  We have been hired by many New York City location scouts and production companies to use our space for film, TV and magazine spreads.  Our space was featured in a documentary called "Fetishes" directed by Nick Broomfield.  HBO, Showtime, Warner Bros., Inked Magazine, Vice, Penthouse, CBS, FOX as well as many others have used this location for their projects.